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Why You Can't Pick Your New Breasts from a Catalog


When women are deciding about whether they want to explore breast implants as an option for improving their body aesthetic, they often pay more attention to other women’s breasts - particularly models or celebrities - to get an idea for the possibilities. A wish list is what many of our patients call it. If you’re going to take a chance on finally getting the breasts you want, you want to have a good idea of what breasts those are. Makes sense, right?

There are, however, some pitfalls in choosing your breasts from a catalog, a magazine, or a picture of another woman found online. Here are several to consider when you’re considering your wish list:

It can be difficult to separate overall beauty and good looking breasts. Often what attracts your eye to a specific picture might not involve a woman’s breasts at all. It might be the lighting, the setting, what the people are doing, or the emotional response the photographer is trying to elicit. While breast augmentation can give you a fuller, perkier breasts, it won’t change your face, make your hair fuller, longer, or curlier, or add six inches to your height. It’s important to focus on the improvements you want made to your breasts.

Photographs frequently are faked. You may be looking at a picture of a woman whose body type is similar to yours and has also had breast implants. But if that picture is airbrushed or photoshopped, you’re not seeing what her breasts really look like, only an ideal of what the person who designed the image you’re viewing thought she should look like.

Clothing can complicate or obscure. Your new breasts will look different clothed or unclothed, in a bikini, in a push-up bra, or covered by layers of fabric. Comparing those breasts to another woman’s breasts when they are obscured by clothing is the ultimate in apples to oranges.

Every woman’s body is different. Your current breast size, shape, and positioning will directly impact how any implant will look on your body, and that will differ from how that same implant would look on another woman’s body. Even identical twins undergoing the same breast implant procedure might have different results for these reasons!

Fortunately, there are so many options for breast implants in terms of size, shape, and width, that the Bancroft Feldman will be able to help you find the right one to make the look you desire possible. Dr. Feldman has the experience and knowledge to make that happen and will examine you, take your individual measurements, and discuss all of your options - as well as your ideas - with you. You will be able to look over our extensive before-and-after gallery of photographs (no clothing and no touch ups) to get an idea of what other women who have had undergone similar procedures look like after the surgery.


Call us at Bancroft Feldman to schedule your complimentary in-person consult, exam, and sizing appointment, and get started planning your new body today.

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