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Will Breast Augmentation Make You Look Better in Your Clothes?

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The above video from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery beautifully illustrates another reason we hear from our patients about why they are considering breast implants: the difference it will make in how they wear their clothes.

Feeling beautiful in your own skin and the clothes you choose to wear is something some people never experience, but many of our patients say that they are more confident in their appearance and more likely to be social after cosmetic surgery because they finally feel attractive to others. Very few people are blessed with perfect figures, and while clothes can and are designed to minimize figure flaws and play up personal strengths, knowing that, underneath the clothes, their bodies look great too gives many people an extra boost.

Many women with smaller breasts simply desire to know what it feels like to live with more ample cleavage. They want to be able to attract people who prefer bigger breasts or breasts that are younger looking and not sagging. They want that confidence that often comes with better cleavage. It’s common to hear about people in certain professions, such as acting or modeling, making surgical alterations to themselves to further their careers, but the need for confidence isn’t limited to people in entertainment. Women with business careers often feel a need to stand out to be competitive. Self-confidence is always an asset, professionally or socially.

The woman in the above video articulates her reasons for breast augmentation, and she represents millions of women just like her who do seek plastic surgery because they want to wear very sexy or revealing clothing - they simply want to look more lovely and symmetrical in the classic clothing they already wear. With a great figure, all styles of fashion suddenly become accessible to them in a way they never were before, and lots of new looks are suddenly possible. To be able to look stunning in a whole variety of new styles - that’s very exciting!

Counter to stereotype, most women don’t undergo breast augmentation because they want to look better naked. People are clothed nearly all of the time, so that would be a bit of a waste! Our patients want to look better doing everything they do and wearing a variety of clothes from workout gear to evening wear. If you’d like to talk about how plastic surgery can help make your clothes fit better and look better, we at Bancroft Feldman want to hear from you.

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