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Right After Breast Augmentation

Immediate Breast Augmentation Post-operative Instructions (Day of surgery until first post-op appt.)

Leave the surgical bra and strap in place. Looking at them doesn’t make your result prettier and doesn’t prevent problems. In fact, it increases pain after breast augmentation as well as swelling, bruising and likelihood of complication. You will not become an expert on RealSelf or Google in the first few days after surgery. However, to prevent skin breakdown/blisters and improve comfort after surgery, you can have your caregiver loosen/remove strap for 3-5 minutes every two hours, but ensure it is ABOVE silver line/zipper on bra at all times. If you love them the day after surgery, your non-compliance can still negatively alter the result during the 3 month healing phase. If don’t love your new breast implants immediately, it doesn’t mean they won’t settle, round out and look amazing 8-12 weeks after breast augmentation surgery. We don't do our website professional photo shoots or call Playboy at your first post op appt.

There are no dressings to change, or drain tubes to mess with. All stitches will dissolve but you have steri-strips covering your incision, that will not dissolve, and will be removed at your second follow-up appointment. The steri-strips are much longer than the actual incision.

The breast implant and pocket was washed with numbing medicine and antibiotic liquid, so it is normal to hear some fluid swishing, burping, farting or gurgling noises. Your may even feel squishy or crunchy sensation above your breasts by your collar bone. Your body absorbs this fluid over the first week after your procedure and these noises will dissipate. Your lung and/or implant did not "pop."

Use your arms as little as possible and keep your elbows to your sides. Do NOT lift more than 2lbs. Do NOT push or pull yourself up with your arms. Do NOT lift arms above your head. Do NOT stretch and reach for your cell phone or remote. Any repetitive motion, even if 2lbs or less, or lifting more than 2 pounds will negatively affect your result long term. You CANNOT over take it easy, but you can certainly over do it.

You may sponge bathe or sit in a couple of inches of water in the bathtub and wash that way, but do not remove bra and strap and do NOT shower.

Take your pain pills and antibiotics as directed and muscle relaxant and nausea pill as needed. You’ve been given a separate sheet with detailed medication information. You should be off of scheduled pain medication within 48 hours of your surgery.

You should not be driving, working or showing off your breasts at this time. This is not the time to catch up on housework, errands or shopping. You had a complex surgery under general anesthesia and should be resting comfortably in a recliner, reclining sofa or propped up on pillows in bed until your first post-operative appointment.

Plan on having an adult present for at least 24 hours after surgery, but optimally for the first 3-5 days.

Dr. Feldman has done a quality breast augmentation surgery and your results are now based on your compliance with all instructions and activity restrictions.