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How long after my breast augmentation surgery should I wait to have sex?

Good sex is equivalent to vigorous exercise with full body muscle involvement. Unfortunately, this means you cannot have amazing, headboard banging, toe curling, fingernail digging and plowing-from-behind sex for a full 3 months after you get your new boobs! This also means NO fun at all, for at least 2 weeks after surgery. However, just like exercise you can slowly increase use as you heal, with very basic sexual activity starting 2 weeks after surgery. As Jeannette says and proudly practices, “Lay back, and let him do all the work! His/her tongue didn’t have surgery.” Do NOT use your arms, core, compress your breasts or lay face down on your breasts at this time. As Dr. Feldman says “Use your other ASSets!” At 8 weeks you can become a little more active, but still positioned on your back, or now, on top, but continue using caution with arm and chest support.

MOST IMPORTANTLY leave your bra on during any seuxal encounters for 3 months. Good things come to those who wait, and you will be able to enjoy your breasts, more than you ever thought possible, once they’re healed and unveiled after 3 months.