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How soon after surgery can I go on an airplane?

There is inherently little risk to the act of being on an airplane, pressurization etc. However, the main risk comes from the hustle and bustle of the airport, lifting luggage, dressing/undressing quickly for security, and rushing to a rapid connection. We discourage travelling for 2 weeks when possible, however as Dr Feldman is a world renowned breast expert, many of our patient’s travel specifically for surgery. Some out-of-town patients choose to stay in Houston for 2 weeks for the 2 mandatory post-op appointments, others travel back home 3-5 days surgery and return for 2-week check up. Regardless, we recommend a travel companion, when possible, to do all of the travel related lifting, driving and rushing so you can focus on your recovery, and arriving to the airport even earlier than normal. If travelling alone, we do not allow a carry-on, purse, laptop bag, backpack etc. You MUST check all luggage. We also require you have at least $30 in small bills to tip skycap, shuttle drivers, bellhops and attendants to do ALL lifting over 2lbs. (1kg). Remember you are protecting a $5000 investment, and these people will gladly help you protect that investment for a reasonable $2-3 tip.

Out-of-state patients or those from other countries do need to make plans to return for the two-week follow-up appointment that is required for optimal care, if they are not staying in the greater Houston area for that long.