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Do you offer any "rapid recovery" techniques?

Promises of "rapid recovery, lunch hour augmentation, scarless and/or painless" augmentation with "negligible complication rates" are all complete and utter lies. They are 100% marketing hype, potentially even composed by a marketing firm writer without that surgeon's knowledge, trying to get your hard earned money and focus your attention on magical promises, distracting you from what really matters, quality results and low complication rates. Remember the old saying "If it's too good to be true..... It probably is!"

There is no magic technique to allow a faster or more rapid recovery. No surgeon should be using a sloppy technique normally and saving the meticulous technique for a special group of "rapid recovery" patients.

Dr. Feldman performs detailed, meticulous surgery on each and every patient. Even then soft tissue heals slowly in everyone, taking a full 3 months to heal 95% regardless of any ridiculous promises of instant healing made up front. The more conservative the size/style of implant, the less tightness and pressure you may experience, and the prettier your starting breast and less complex the pocket development, the quicker things soreness will resolve and a pretty breast will appear, but "healing" still happens at the same rate. Above the muscle placement will feel less sore faster with less restrictions, as the muscle is not disturbed, but has some significant long term negatives with higher rates of contracture, and much less natural, more visible implant and potential to interfere with mammograms.

The only difference between a regular recovery and these so called "rapid recoveries" is how long or strict a surgeon is with their instructions. Dr. Feldman tends to be very strict, for a longer period of time, but also have a lower revision rate (5% in my practice) than what is published (7-9% at best, typically 25-33% and some even higher!). Fixing things is hard, costs more money and won't look as good. Someone can send you back to work the same day and call it a "lunch hour augmentation" to generate business, and attention, but if the results stink and the complication rate is 50% what a disservice that used car sales tactic was to that patient! Now trying to fix that will cost twice as much as it will look half as good, ouch!

Ultimately what you did or didn't do for a few weeks after surgery doesn't matter if you have a bad result or complication, and will be a distant memory if you love your augmented breasts. So Dr. Feldman will think you're focusing on the wrong thing. Focus on your end result, minimizing complications and adjust logistics to optimize those chances as ultimately results are the only thing that matters.

Find a surgeon who can provide detailed complication rate data (Dr. Feldman even goes as far as doubling the contracture and malposition numbers, since some patients may move and have surgery with another surgeon). In some practices you will never even see the surgeon again or they are just contracted to come and do surgery for a franchise! Best to seek a board certified breast expert doing at least 300 augmentations a year rather than fall for marketing hype!