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I am constipated after my breast augmentation, is this normal? I tried a stool softener, or took a laxative and it didn't work.

Constipation after surgery is common and results from anesthesia and pain medication coupled with dehydration. Depending how regular or backed up you were before surgery, how many pain pills you are taking (if you're taking 2 every 4 hours you will become EXTREMELY constipated) and how well you have rehydrated after surgery, will control how aggressive you will need to be with laxatives. We recommend Dulcolax, Miralax or Sennakot (Senna plus has laxative and softener). It will typically take 3-5 doses, so don't give up after a single dose. Dr. Feldman typically recommends a sports drink like Gatorade or PowerAde to help you rehydrate until you have crystal clear urine. Begin taking a single laxative dose on post-op day 2, with another 1-2 doses on post-op day 3, and if you haven't gone at that point, to take one dose every 2 hours on post-op day 4 until you go. Be careful what you wish for, as prescription laxatives are very potent and typically will result in diarrhea. If you haven't gone after 5 doses of over the counter laxative of choice, you may want to get a 2-pack of mineral oil enemas and bottle of magnesium citrate. Use a mineral oil enema first to lubricate, then drink the entire bottle of mag citrate and use second mineral oil enema 30-60 mins after mag citrate if you haven’t had a bowel movement. If you are persistent with laxatives, hydration and enemas, if needed, you will have a bowel movement. Once you've stopped taking your narcotic pain medication and clear your system, your bowels will return to normal movements.