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Will you price match a lower cost breast augmentation?

We do not price match, as there is no apples to apples comparison when it comes to surgery. This is especially relevant if they do not use Allergan implants. Many offices are running loss leader pricing on cheaper and less natural saline implants, which very few of Dr. Feldman's patients will select after detailed discussion. Why not advertise silicone pricing which the vast majority of patients will select.

The cost of surgery, while seemingly extremely important initially doesn't matter if you have a bad result, or complication, and will be a distant memory if you love your augmented breasts. Surgery is very different than buying a car, where the car was manufactured at the same factory, and is the same quality, regardless of dealer or sales price. Even if the same size implant and same technique is used, results and complication rates will vary greatly by surgeon and facility.

Check out our reviews, video testimonials and before and after gallery of Dr Feldman's actual patients, showing every view/angle of each and every one and compare to our competitors. Why do they only show 1 or 2 views and not all of them?

Dr Feldman is a world renowned breast expert and you won't find a more extensive before and after gallery. He only does breast augmentation and does 400-500 per year! That's more than many surgeons will do in their entire career. Think about that. Very few surgeons do 300+ augmentations per year. Most plastic surgeons dabble and try to perform many different surgeries, becoming an expert at none.

Focus on your desired look, minimizing complications and adjust logistics to optimize those chances. Ultimately your result is the only thing that matters.

Lastly, Dr Feldman only uses Allergan Natrelle brand implants that have a failure rate 3x lower than cheaper Mentor implants. Allergan silicone has only 8% failure at 10 years versus Mentor's 25% failure. That's 1 in 4 woman with Mentor! Most competitors are using Mentor because they're cheaper, but Dr Feldman refuses to put them in due to their inferior durability and high failure rate. Mentor also does not have as many new implant options, like high fill ratio Allergan Natrelle Inspira, or even newer Allergan Natrelle Inspira Cohesive implants, to reduce rippling and deliver more superior fullness which gives the "new normal, red carpet cleavage push up bra" look most patients are requesting. In fact over 90% of Dr. Feldman's patients are selecting high fill ratio Inspira implants!

We encourage you to complete a virtual consult and schedule with Dr. Feldman, to compare his consult experience to our competitors. Only then will you fully understand the difference.