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I just had surgery and my breast is making a burping or farting noise. It feels squishy, crunchy and like there are air bubbles around the top, sides or bottom. Is this normal?

This is a frequent concern within a couple of days of surgery, but is normal. Since the implant is much larger than the small incision Dr. Feldman made, as the implant goes in through the Keller funnel some air is trapped in the pocket. This combined with 30cc of local anesthesia (numbing medication) liquid and residual liquid antibiotics ​can create a burping, farting or squishing noise as well as Rice Krispies, crunchy or squishy sensation when pressing on your skin for up to a week after surgery. What you're feeling is normal. The implant did not pop or rupture. Your body will absorb the liquid and air over the first week, so it should by improving by your first post-op appointment. These noises/sensation frequently turn into squeaking, a couple of weeks after surgery, as the early capsule begins forming which is also normal.