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How do I become featured as a model on your website or in "the books" at the office?

We're as excited about your results as you are, and are equally as thrilled that you're interested in showing off your new look! We do our best to accommodate all requests. The first step in the process is to become a brand Ambassador for Feldman Plastic Surgery.

This involves:

Referring at least 3 friends or family who ultimately choose to have surgery with Dr. Feldman or Dr. Bancroft.


Referring at least 5 friends or family who are new injectable (Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, etc.) patients to our practice.


Sharing your story on social media with posts, photos and videos that are linked to @bancroftfeldman for surgery by Dr. Bancroft or @breastexpert for Breast Enhancement by Dr. Feldman. Rather than create specific metrics for evaluation, we simply want to encourage our Ambassadors to “wow” us and showcase their personality, share their unique experience, and demonstrate how they would best represent Feldman Plastic Surgery. Stories will be evaluated and ranked for number of likes, follows, re-posts, patient referrals, positive feedback, community service, military service by themselves or family members and creativity.

Again we try to accommodate most requests, but unfortunately cannot guarantee every one, as we're limited by budget and logistics.